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ANTI-SMOKING CAMPAIGN - not effective Empty ANTI-SMOKING CAMPAIGN - not effective

Post by sananilolo on Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:55 pm

The anti-smoking campaign is finally here. It's the best thing that ever happened to non-smoking Filipinos. However, the implementation in my opinion is flawed. Why? Because when the cat is away...the mouse will play! Smokers would still smoke in public when the coast is clear. That is why I'm proposing that we empower security guards of establishments to have the authority to give tickets and fine the offenders. Give them incentives if they could caught somebody. A commision for every ticket issued and violators caught.

Additionaly, MMDA officers should disguise themselves in civilians so there would be element of surprise. Unlike now, once they see MMDA uniforms, they would only scamper away and throw their cigarettes.

Heck, in worst case scenario, empower concerned citizens like me to beat the hell out of these offenders. Kung gusto nila mamatay....e di tulungan ko sila mamatay kesa mangdamay pa sila ng kapwa nila!

Can you also make AYALA smoke free please. I'm tired of seeing these kind of people everyday. If only i can beat the hell out of them without facing any consequences, i would gladly beat each and every one of them - and if possible, to death! ^_^


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