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To our Excellency Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III

Thru Honorable Parañaque City Mayor Florencio “Jun” Bernabe
Thru Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis N. Tolentino
Thru Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo

PURPOSE: Need Assistance to Astra Vendors Regarding Verbal MMDA Notice for Demolition

Dear Sir,

I, Sheryll Marie S. Bedico, Member of Astra Vendor Association in Km 14 Ediuson Ave, Barangay Sun Valley, Parañaque City, Store Care Taker of Filomena “Mennie” T. Fernandez, together with Sheila Rita John T. Fernandez, her daughter; residing at Blk 5 143 Cherry East, Barangay Sun Valley, Parañaque City wanted to inform and request for assistance to your good office regarding the issue of the Astra Vendors Association.

For your information, Astra Vendors Association was given a Temporary Business Permit last August to October 2009 plus Barangay ID as Vendor Confirmation. It was issued for the Protection of the Vendors.

November 2009, we were not given any permit from Barangay due to a lot of Issues…
Ø CLEANLINESS AND SANITATION – We were informed that the SWAESO Astra Swiper reclaimed regarding the litters here at Astra. As vendors, we have a responsibility for cleaning our premises. We have done our duty; however, still the issue remains because the SWAESO Astra Swiper still calls the attention of Barangay. Moreover, aside from us, vendors, they also reclaims at the other side of the road, the line of tricycles. Every morning two (2) tricycle drivers, the EPTODA President and other were swiping the litters; which means, when the swipers will swipe, they will be left nothing. Moreover, they would gather at the store of Corazon “Cora” Ellado, infront of the Zuellig Pharma or at the Store of Edward Guillermo, Edison Ave. Per knowledge, the swiper supposedly swipe within 6 am to 9 or 10 am , however, they only work for 30 to 60 minutes every morning. Moreover, I’ve learned that they still have a work every afternoon but we hadn’t seen them done their duty. The issue of cleanliness of our premise should consider close but the issue of the swipers not swiping should be in our attention. As far as we know, they are paid for their service. Instead of murmuring and gossiping during their duty, they should perform their respective duty. We should call their attention. I have learned that the “ Area Supervisor” or Timekeeper is Ceseria “Baby” Laguna, the other swipers are Elsie Amontisilio of Culdesac and Rosalie Sulatra of Cubic with coordination or conspiracy of Corazon “Cora” Ellado.
Ø UNITY AND COOPERATION FOR ALL. The owners and care taker of the stores should have a cooperation and unity. However, per learnings, Cora Ellado together with the said Astra Swipers and Rosalinda “ Rosie” Saniel tried to separate and not to cooperate. Also, they are the ones who call the Barangay and gave a lot of issue. Thus, as a result, the Barangay Sun Valley Official, as general, had give up the Authority and left us hanging.
Ø PROPER RULES and REGULATIONS. Some didn’t follow the rules because they wanted to be hero. Names can be mentioned as Cora Ellado, her backer Baby Laguna and some police men.

It was the last meeting that was considered.

Aside the issues mentioned above, Barangay informed that Zuellig Pharma, who bought Astra Zenica, might not allow us to stay but it remained a warning only.

Early 2010, there was another attempt before the election.

July 20, 2010 , around 4pm , Ms Marian Angara, former Area Supervisor of Astra under OIC Willy Ocampo of Swaeso went in every store to inform regarding the MMDA Demolition. Per Ms Angara, she and Baby Laguna were instructed by Mr. Willy Ocampo to warn us verbally regarding the MMDA demolition. She presented for herself but Baby Laguna was not there, where in fact, she is the recent Area Supervisor or Timekeeper of Astra. Per Ms Angara, we were given ten (10) days to vacate the place or self-demolish; if not, MMDA will forcely demolish and will get our things, it might be personal or for the store. Per news dated January 4, 2010 , the MMDA Chairman said, ““As we have promised, there will be no use of force or intimidation. We will give them notices asking them to voluntarily leave the area or tear down all their illegal structures themselves. We believe we can settle this matter without anyone getting hurt”. The mission of MMDA is to help the vendors to cope up with everyday living but how come we were given the verbal warning by the SWAESO without any notice from MMDA? As the result, we were scared and became paranoid with the situation since the conversation with the SWAESO Angara.

July 25, 2010 , Sunday. Cora Ellado harassed some Senior Citizen Vendors namely Pedro Yape and wife and also, Erlinda “Linda” Palamos. She constantly (mostly everyday) warned and scared them thru telling them the MMDA is on the way. Thus, as a result, the Senior Citizens were the first to have the self-demolish. Our question, how come there is MMDA during Sunday?

July 26, 2010 , Monday. Once again, Cora Ellado announced to the vendors that the MMDA is on the way. Also, Rosie Saniel released some words, “ Uunahin ko na ang pag giba para sumunod sila”. I, myself, panic with the situation. We removed 4 yeros and all the things just to save from MMDA’s demolition. While Cora Ellado was smiling and dancing, and also the swipers were all smiling, learning that we all remove our things. Before lunch, Rosie Saniel and Cora Ellado announced that the only vendor that can stay is the one using an umbrella, thus, other vendors panic and went to borrow money just to get the umbrella. For us, we ask the approval from Mama Mennie (Filomena T. Fernandez) if we really need to buy the umbrella. However, instead, we were scolded because we almost fell with the trap of some intruders of Astra, namely Cora Ellado, Rosie Saniel, Baby Laguna, Elsie Amontisilio and Rosalie Sulatra.

I, myself, talked to some people. One of them told us that President Noynoy Aquino announced in the news that if possible, the employed will remain employed and the vendors will have a stable living with a proper stall and place for business; and that the mission of the MMDA is to help the vendors cope up the everyday living. With these, may we know the truth behind the issue of MMDA? Is it legal that Sweaso can warn us without any notice or proof? How come the swipers are allowed to warn us, the vendors? What are the limits of MMDA? As far as I know, MMDA is for public area only, thus, Astra Edison Ave is private, Industrial area, how come they can demolish here in Astra?

July 28, 2010 , Wednesday. Mrs. Filomena T. Fernandez went to Parañaque City Municipal Hall to ask for assistance regarding the said matter. With regards to the Barangay, Mrs. Fernandez also asks assistance regarding the issue.

As the answer of Barangay, Administrative Officer Ruben Diño called a meeting last August 12, 2010.

Place: Brgy Sun Valley Hall
Date: August 12, 2010 , Thursday
Preceding Officer: Administrative Officer Ruben Diño, Inspectoir Rolando “Dong” Francisco and Unknown Personnel of Barangay

For the answer of assistance of Verbal Talk Demolition to Edison Vendors
Cleanliness of Vendors and streets, table and bing umbrella
Umbrella policy was not approved by the barangay
Appointment of Vendors to Swaeso OIC Willy Ocampo Municipal Parañaque City
3 of the Vendors went to Mr Willy Ocampo namely Cora Ellado, Rosie Saniel and Anabelle Rebaño
Unity of Vendors
Alert for attempt of MMDA Demolition request by the SWAESO.
Those vendors have Barangay Temporary Permit
Complain by Zuellig Pharma, Robinson for the Vendors
Vendors must be voting resident in Barangay Sun Valley
Cora Ellado and Flora Gabriosa are not voting resident of Sun Valley . Moreover, Cora Ellado is the one involved with a lot of issues such as the MMDA scare, her store become a place of gossips with swaerso swipers and the one who start humors.
Swiper nakikialam sa vendors

As per the Barangay meeting, no clear solution was presented but instead there was again a warning from Barangay. Aside from that, Cora Ellado went to the meeting with Swipers Elsie Amontisilio and Rosalie Sulatra, where in fact, they still have duty and they are not members of the Astra Vendors Association. May we know the duties and responsibilities of the Swaeso with regards to this matter? The post of Rosalie Sulatra is along Culdesac to South Admiral, also she is the reliever of the guy swiper in astra every Thursday while Elsie Amontisilio is along Astra and Drug makers. The 2 swipers may act as witness, but not them, they murmured and rebut through out the meeting. They tried to defend their duty but they failed because as per Mr. Diño, “Kung walang wawalisin, wala kayong trabaho.”

August 13, 2010 , Friday around 6:30am here at Astra, Me and S R John Fernandez was talking regarding the meeting. I had released some words, “ Ang hirap talaga, nakikihalo sa problem ng problem ng iba. Di naman vendors nakikisawsaw.” Baby Laguna and Rosalie Sulatra passed by when we were talking. After half an hour, Rosalie Sulatra and Baby Laguna approached me with a frown, shouting tone and pointing finger, “ Ano yung sinasabi mong nakikisawsaw kami, bakit nandoon ka ba?” “Wala daw ako, oh” I told SRJohn Fernandez, That was the start of shouting. Per, Laguna, they were authorized by Cesar but the question, who is Cesar??? Can a swiper with supervisor or timekeeper fought during working hours? If ever, you’ll investigate, they, the swipers and timekeeper consume their working hours, 30 minutes to 60 minutes of swiping and the remaining hours, chatting and gossiping. Their favorite hang outs are
Store of Corazon “Cora” Ellado, infront of the Zuellig Pharma or at the Store of Edward Guillermo, Edison Ave. Also, they usually scolded the tricycle drivers and us, vendors because for them, we were littering but the truth is, that is only one candy wrapper on the ground. They wanted to have clean place, but the mere fact. there is no litter (except for the peak hours only such as break time) to swipe; it means their service is no longer needed. As a vendor, I really have a responsibility to clean our surrounding but not all the time because we also should attain out attention to our sales. With the swippers, they want only to relax and wait for their salaries; they don’t know their responsibility and duty. Cleanliness is the oldest issue but we already address the concern and made the solution, they, the swippers, make the situation worst, not knowing that at the end, their face was smacked because of embarrassment.

Another thing, one issue that needs to tackle is the additional vendors. May 5, 2009 meeting, we had agreed that the remaining vendors are the official vendors and no additional will be included. However, once again, stall is appearing with a backer. Late last year some people sell bags and had an additional balut vendors. Thus OIC President Sherlyn Oliva asked them, who told them they can sell in the corner of Astra. The seller of bags proudly said Baby Laguna who permitted them. Thus, OIC President Oliva confirmed with Laguna. Instead of good conversation and telling that Barangay flagged down that no additional vendor is allowed, Laguna almost threat her and said, “Bakit, di moko kilala? Taga Munisipyo ako.” Recently, a family sells Barbeque, after the August 12, 2010 meeting, one of the vendors asked the Barbeque who authorized them to have a post at the corner of Astra. He said Ruben. If true that Ruben Diño authorized them, how come he authorized the vendor, where in fact, we tried to lessen up and no additional vendor policy? Can the authorized personnel break a policy? What are the limits of an Administrative Officer?

With all the issues at stake, I hope you can investigate and help us cope our living. We might be a simple people here in Astra but we also need the attention and care like the rich ones. We only depend our living here, the medicines of our family and our students in elementary and college.

I hope you can extend some actions to us, Astra Vendors Association. We are greatly threat and became paranoid with the situation.

Thank you very much. I am hoping for your actions with these matters.

I would be glad for your response. My email address is jade_sanchez_22@yahoo.com. I can give some other proof such as pictures and minutes of the meeting, just contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Sheryll Marie S. Bedico
Astra Vendors
Contact Number: 09085919588, 09994511990, 09275980255


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