U-turns along Quezon Avenue

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U-turns along Quezon Avenue Empty U-turns along Quezon Avenue

Post by sammy on Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:46 pm

I drive to the office almost everyday from Quezon City to Intramuros. The worst part is driving along Quezon Ave. from corner EDSA all the way to Welcome Rotunda and vice versa. This is because of the many U-turns along the way where a driver has to swerve from left-to-right and/or right-to-left to avoid left-turning vehicles entering a U-turn or right-turning vehicles exiting a U-turn.

The most stressful portion driving to Manila is between Araneta Ave. and Welcome Rot. where Quezon Ave. narrows. Going back to QC from the Welcome Rot., the whole stretch of Quezon Ave. is very stressful because of the successive and near-spaced U-turn slots.

I find the traffic lights along intersections in Quezon Blvd. in Manila more driver-friendly because one can stay in a lane and does not have to swerve as much.

U-turns are effective on wide streets and when the U-turn slots are spaced far apart. But they are dangerous, stressful, ineffective and stupid when used on narrow streets and when placed near one another.

So please, Mr. MMDA Chairman, try to drive along Quezon Avenue to experience how stressful it is to get through this road. And then, remove immediately the U-turn slots specially along the narrow portions of Quezon Avenue. Thank you.



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