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Post by whodazka on Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:22 am

I would like to suggest that every time they will register their car or renewal of registration should be subject to SMOG check and SAFETY. this will help our environment and the safety of the passengers and drivers. this SMOG check and SAFETY should be administer by MMDA itself not to a private shop. so that it will deter and avoid corruption. i believe this is one of the solution to protect our environment cause by pollution. smoke belchers vehicle should not be allowed to operate. . review all the standard safety features of all PUJ's because these vehicles are mostly hand made. to save lives always wear seatbelts I have noticed that most of PUJ's lights are busted, tires are bald, thread of the tires are exposed already this should not be allowed. give a ticket for corrections. . for buses, the gas pedal should be in a limited place so that they cant drive fast enough. most of the bus drivers are wreckless to drive. I wish this matter should be given an attention to save lives. BUCKLE UP, CLICK IT OR TICKET...DONT DRIVE IF YOU ARE DRUNK. give a stiff penalty for drunk drving.


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