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Metro Manila busses have loud bus horns that are hurtful to hearing.

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Post by maggie_chinita on Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:20 pm

Before anything else, I would like to acknowledge MMDA's GO GREEN METRO Program. I really love the idea and how the MMDA envisions the future of metro manila. I was able to watch the MMDA Chairman on an interview on a morning news show and was impressed on the projects laid to carry out. I hope you fulfill all of it in your term.

I'm not really sure if MMDA is the right agency that could deliver the issue on the volume of Bus horns and proper sound of bus horns. I really don't know if there are existing regulations about it. If there are none, I suggest for MMDA to craft one. It is for the reason that concerned buses have very very loud horns which is becoming unacceptable to the ear. It is contributing to Noise Pollution and causing stress and irritation already. I think a study has been conducted already on the no. of decibels allowable/acceptable for buses. If this will be successfully regulated, we will make metro manila a more conducive place to live in.

Thanks a lot!


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