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traffic rules and regulations Empty traffic rules and regulations

Post by whodazka on Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:58 pm

im talking about traffic rules and regulations here in US. and i wish they can implement in pinas either. there were streets that comes with a four way stop signs, three way stop signs. there are a lot of stop signs in pinas too but the problem is nobody follows the rules. specially traffic lights during nite time or even day time, if there is no traffic enforcers around harurot si pidro. when it comes to pedestrian? here in states pedestrians has the right of way all the time they prioritized pedestrian, in pinas pagmina malas ka dedbol ka. imagine clark, subic base??? why filipinos follows the american way at nanginginig pa and they cant follow what the filipino wants ? paglabas ng subic banat na naman si pidro. where is the problem? DUI ( driving under the influence of liquior) most of the accidents occured is during nite time and cause of accidents is drunk driving. penalized them set a fine or jail and after they serve jail time or pay a fine put them on a community service like street cleaning, esteros, canals whatever...these are some of the law in traffic rules and regulations here in states. good ordinance is a good governance or vise versa. discpline is a must. now the question is ?? who is the right person who can manage to implement this???


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