Renewal of Driving License

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Renewal of Driving License Empty Renewal of Driving License

Post by greg on Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:16 pm


I am about to have or received my renewed driver's license recently unfortunately the LTO can not process and instead has advise me to come over to MMDA office in orense in Guadalupe Makati for as they recalled to me that i have an alarming license that needs to be clear in MMDA office.

The funny thing is that the alarm date didn't matched with when i had stayed in the Philippines. For short i didnt drive anything and even stayed here in the Philippines.

My Question is why this happened ? Is this an agenda/plan of easy-money for MMDA & are they responsible enough the apprehending MMDA officers of giving the correct inforamtions or are they educated instead.

To MMDA please check this & open this issue to anybody. I'am quite sure somebody outthere has same case as with me. Again please give your side or idea for the case otherwise I will bring this issue to the higher authority.

I haven't received any Violation ticket from the MMDA since.




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