Illegal Terminal/Parking Area

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Illegal Terminal/Parking Area Empty Illegal Terminal/Parking Area

Post by noel on Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:04 pm

Just want to report abusive and non-complying jeepney drivers that always park along Susana St. Bgy. Gulod Novaliches. This thing has been going for years now, already reported this matter to the Barangay the Novaliches District Office, but still the jeepney drivers didn't mind even when the authorities already called their attention. Residents here sometimes have heated arguments with these drivers.

Please help our community.

God Speed to your new Chairman


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Illegal Terminal/Parking Area Empty Re: Illegal Terminal/Parking Area

Post by byronclen on Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:01 pm

The same goes here in-front of the Casino Filipino in ParaƱaque. They made the center island as a jeepney terminal and they do it even if there are those incompetent MMDA Officers across the street! Just watching while traffic builds-up due to the obstruction. I hope someone from MMDA reads this and acts on it.


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Illegal Terminal/Parking Area Empty Re: Illegal Terminal/Parking Area

Post by bien711car on Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:44 pm

This scenario is verywhere in Metro Manila.We need to reduce the number of PUVs plying the Metro


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Post by maraf67 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:52 am

Almost everyday I traverse from Coastal road, thru Baclaran, Edsa and then Pasig Crossing:

The following are my observations which I hope had already been done with the new administration since this just needs enforcement:

1. Baclaran: MMDAs are all posted away from Baclaran church more towards MIA road so the buses and jeeps as well as taxis have a fiesta in loading and unloading clogging the free flow of traffic towards a right turn on Edsa. Drivers seem to also have a wrong notion that MMDAs are markers such that beyond where they stand you can practically park your vehicle and get away with it neglecting any road signs. I suggest they stay on the island or pavement only and another batch is at the farther end to give citations for those who do not follow
2. Corner of Edsa, Heritage Hotel: unloading and loading, no MMDAs there
3. Edsa, pasay rotunda: are tricycles really allowed to traverse this stretch, they are very slow and unpredictictable in their maneuvers causing cars to suddenly swerve away form them, I thought they were allowed only on the inside roads
4. Crossing, Starmall: Jeepney terminal along the side of the road under the very nose of MMDA enforcers and beside the Police station there restricting the flow of traffic if where to pass by underneath the underpass

One would think how serious is the MMDA really in addressing our traffic situation, maybe it might be worthwhile to put CCTVs where the MMDAs are posted to see if they are doing their job and not wasting taxpayers money


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Illegal Terminal/Parking Area Empty Re: Illegal Terminal/Parking Area

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