fear of heights, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens

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fear of heights, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens

Post by afraid of footbridges on Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:52 pm

In my humble opinion, I think footbridges discriminates persons with disabilities, people with fear of heights (like me), and simply those who are in their senior years.

Ang iniisip lang kasi natin yung traffic, mga sasakyan, at may sasakyan. Nakalimutan din nating i-consider yung ibang tao na may problema sa mga 'hanging steel bridges na ito'.

Sana man lang hindi see-through ang gilid ng mga fbs (footbridges). Seeing the cars down below, aggravated by the feel of the wind above is scary for those of us who have fear of heights. It really makes you want to freeze and faint. That is why the best thing I do to protect myself is avoid going to places where you don't have any choice but pass through those bridges. Eh pano pag puro fbs na ang Pilipinas, saan na kami dadaan? Magmumukmok na lang ba kami sa mga bahay namin? If security is the reason why those fbs are see-throughs then post MMDA men above to protect the people and at the same time assist those that need assistance. And regarding those with disabilities and senior citizens, sana man lang may ibang provision o daanan kayo para sa kanila - shuttles? underpass? I don't know. But I guess you have to consider us even if it looks like were just a minority.

afraid of footbridges

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