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Alabang Zapote Road Empty Alabang Zapote Road

Post by punongbayan on Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:09 am

Traffic along Alabang Zapote road continues to get worse. There should be more of a forward flow and only a few intersections where people are allowed to make a left or right and will just have to turn around inside the madrigal business park to go around. I believe the traffic is caused by vehicles making a left or right in almost every possible intersection. The stretch between Alabang town center and Toyota Zapote is less than a kilometer long and yet there are approximately 8 intersections where cars are making a left or right which causes traffic because they block the cars that are going forward. For example, Between the Madrigal Zapote stoplight and the Alabang Hills Zapote stoplight, there is the Pacific Village intersection and the intersection going into Citibank. Traffic is always congested because of those intersections. The Zapote Daang hari intersection is also always a mess. Cars should be allowed to make a left instead into Acacia from Zapote. Then the intersection from Daang Hari should be outflow only into Zapote. MMDA needs to study and experiment with the traffic flow. Otherwise it will only get worse.


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